The Journey

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Our program cater for children age 7 to 17. These are best time of human life to kick start the learning of mathematics. They are cognitively mature and ready to build the necessary foundations for mathematics.

The journey of learnings in AcaMaths is base upon mathematical foundations we build in preparations to further learning advancement.

We highly recommend children to start early in foundational building as most learning gaps can’t be identified until it surface in the later years in life.

Junior Mathematics

The journey begin with the the many basic foundations of mathematics concepts, ie. Numeration, Spatial relationships, Patterns, Classifications, Ordering, Correspondence, Attributes, Shapes, Fractions & Measurements. These foundations will ease the child into the journey of Essential Maths.

Essentials Mathematics

This is the core of AcaMaths Programmes. In this journey, we will solidify all 7 building blocks in mathematical skills  in our curriculum with the aim to prepare our student for Algebra competence, which is the prerequisite to the next journey into Senior Maths.

Senior Mathematics

This journey will take our students into advanced mathematical learnings such as Advanced Algebra, Calculus, Advanced Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and  Probability that mastery of these areas are required to excel in various board of examinations locally or internationally prior to Tertiary education.


We are offering online channel to deliver The Beautiful Learning Experience for families that prefer online learning due to distance or others challenges.