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The Beautiful Learning Experience

Learning is a life long journey. More so for learning mathematics.

We see mathematics as a living subjects. It is full of life, discovery, understanding and growth.

The source of all math anxieties derive from lack of connections with the subject. Mathematics will be perceived as an interesting subject if the learning is coming  from a beautiful experience.  We exist to transform the experience.

We equate all learning experiences in AcaMaths, a beautiful experience.

We achieve this through AcaMaths Experiential Learnings Approach.

Experiential Learning Approach

At AcaMaths, we deliberately create the value of our programme through experiential approach, i.e. The beautiful Learning Experience and make it as a foundations to reap positive learning result.

Our experiential learning approach targeting on the following areas:-



We embedded visual elements into our materials. The visual experience help student’s expand their imaginations and creativity.



Achieve the depth of learning through the experience of touching sensory on tools and aids like counting blocks, 3D geometry models, playing cards and dice while learnings to provide a depth of understanding on the subject.


Mental Maths

We help students experience how to construct mental framework for number system as the solid foundations for expansion & growth in maths skills.



We provide environment that is stress free to learn mathematics. The instructions floor are “Safe Learning Zone” – where no punishment on mistakes made in that zone, we teach children to learn from awareness of their own mistakes. We envelope students with soothing music and ergonomics furniture to help them stay focus. We also help them clearing mental baggage with the state of the art “Focus Me Dome”.



We give emphasis on the opportunity for student to experience how ideas and thoughts are expressed through words and discussion. It is done through student-instructor interactions.

Math Sense

Math sense arising from multiples exposure and meaningful encounters with right learning experience. It is a natural happenings. Students with math sense are generally a critical thinker, at faster learning pace and having a more thorough understand in mathematics.

Math sense cannot be taught. It is also not something that can be acquired through attending teaching sessions alone. Nor will it able to be acquired through merely working hard, memorising & rote practice on mathematics worksheets.

Our experience tells us that math anxieties resulting from one negative learning experience is sufficient to kill the development of math sense.

At AcaMaths, our Instructors are trained not to over teach the students. Our role is to nurture the beautiful learning experience and allow the occurrence of math sense naturally happen in students.